About Submit

The distance between a lo-fidelity Goldberg machine and a dislexic amusement park. A choreography of the Wrong. An anatomic study of the Decline and the Fall of the Titans, like hackers high on stroboscopes. A digital mannerism enlightened by Cornelisz Van Haarlem and curated by Pablo Serret de Ena. Because We All live in (permanent) Beta.

This Pavilion is a collective online artwork built around the idea of the fall and the wrong. It is made with submitted footage by the audience, edited and transformed by the curator into isolated animated gifs, then placed in the digital canvas. It is based in the painting "The Fall of the Titans" (1588-90) by Cornelisz Van Haarlem, exhibited at the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Denmark. There will be several iterations of the piece.


Submit videos and footage in motion of humans affected by gravity, the wrong step and the decline in any grace or ungraceful way / basically: people falling down /, in order to build a collective online artwork. All selected material / personal and-or collected through the internet / will be edited and transformed à-la digital mannerism into this wrong masterpiece. Send link footage ipso facto.

Footage submitted (so far) by: Cara Emily Levine, Ángel Herrera, Miguel Rodríguez Pérez, Serafín Álvarez, Emma Hoette, Robert Hengeveld, Susan Stewart, Risa Horowitz, Karolina Arija Ax, Bethan Peters and Pablo Serret de Ena.